Nov. 18, 2022


SCRIPTURE: [Jesus said,] “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you. He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth.” JOHN 14:16-17

“If you need an example of the simplicity of answered prayer, notice what I promised: I will ask the Father, and He will give you the Spirit. If you need a commitment that your relationship with Me isn’t an up-and-down ride, notice the Spirit’s plan: He will never leave you. And if you need assurance that you can hear My voice, notice the Spirit’s agenda: He will lead you into all truth. Do you see it? I have given you a model of interaction with the Father, an unbreakable vow of presence, and unwavering dedication to revealing everything you need to know and more. The Father will give, the Spirit will never leave, and He leads into all truth. I’ve left you little room to wonder.

“Why do I speak in extreme terms? Because those terms are true. Casual words would not suffice. I’ve given you an extreme calling and made extreme commitments to you. You may not experience the reality of these words as tangibly as you would like, but you will if you continue to believe them without compromise. Press Me on them. Push Me to follow through. Persist in your asking. I invite you to be unyielding, to pester Me to do what I’ve already said I’m going to do. I take no pleasure in those who fall back and think perhaps they have asked too much. Too much for Me? Do you realize how much I have to offer? There’s never "too much" when you’re talking to an infinite God.

“Accept the extremes of My promises. Take Me at My word. Trust that I am fulfilling everything I said I would fulfill. I haven’t invited you to come tiptoeing up to the throne of grace. I said to come boldly. Ask according to My greatest desires for you.”

Jesus, Your dreams for me are even greater than my own, which is saying a lot. Unveil them and fulfill them. Help me to think big. I want everything You promised to the fullest. Take Care, God Bless, And Make It A Great Day!