Nov. 19, 2022


SCRIPTURE: The word of the LORD holds true, and we can trust everything he does. PSALM 33:4

We're all looking for answers. We want to know what will happen, who will win, and how it will end. But the truth is that no one can guarantee the future. One of the biggest problems with predictions is that they are based on assumptions—assumptions about human behavior and motivations, about trends and patterns, about what makes people tick—that may or may not be true. And even when they are true, they can't predict every possible outcome of a course of action or decision.

So what happens when we hear a prediction? We hope it's true, or perhaps false, or maybe just in the ballpark. Sometimes we turn our hopes into a promise or at least a firm expectation—and then we forget that no human can guarantee the future.

The world isn't black and white.

It's not even gray. It's full of color, and we can't see it all at once. We have to look at one thing at a time—and even then, we're only getting a small slice of what's really there. That's why we need to be careful when we talk about things that happened in the past or things that are happening right now. Because sometimes what we think we know is wrong. And sometimes it's right—but only because someone else was wrong first!

You see, history is full of experts who were proven wrong about something they were once absolutely sure about. Even once-certain laws of physics are now being questioned because of observations in the quantum world. Why? Because we never see the whole picture, and our reasoning isn’t infallible. We don’t know everything we think we know, and everything we say is, to one degree or another, suspect.

So let's make sure our words are worth listening to—and not just for their entertainment value!

We live in a world that is bursting with information. Every day we are bombarded with facts, opinions, and predictions. It’s hard to know which of these things to believe and which to ignore.

But when God speaks, His words stand apart from all others. He has no lack of foresight, nor any limitation on His perspective. He sees all in space and time and declares absolute realities. Whether He is speaking about the past, the present, or the future, He is right. We can count on it.

We have a trust problem with God, and it’s a lifelong battle. That’s why His Word so often reminds us of who He is and how unfathomable His wisdom is. His words must be handled differently than any other information in our lives. Though we can never be fully confident of our interpretations, we can wholly trust the source. In the words of David Livingstone, God’s promises are “the word of a gentleman of the most strict and sacred honor." We can believe them always."

Lord, help me live as someone who is anchored in reality, never moving from Your truth or questioning Your promises. Thank You for the assurance that You will lead me, teach me, promise me, and inform me with rock-solid, absolute, never-wavering truth. God Bless, Take Care, and Make It A Great Day!