Nov. 20, 2022


SCRIPTURE: [The Lord] said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD !’” EZEKIEL 37:4, NIV

God showed Ezekiel a vision of a valley full of bones. Not the bones of the recently deceased, but dry bones. In other words, these bones are far removed from any hint of life. Yet God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones to command them to hear God’s word. The prophet speaks life and breath into them—and they come alive!

The story is a beautiful illustration of something we all know: God can take our dead and lifeless souls and breathe into us something that makes us whole again. It’s not just about getting up off the ground when we fall down—it’s about taking what feels like nothing at all and making it into something so much more than it was before.

If God could just speak his will to the world, why would He need us?

The answer is simple: He doesn't. But that's not how God does things. Instead, He works through a partnership with His people. He rarely does anything in human affairs without prompting a human spokesperson to pray for it or speak it. Apparently, God takes seriously the commission He gives in Genesis—the assignment for humanity to govern the earth. And apparently, there’s something to Amos’s comment that God does nothing without telling His prophets (Amos 3:7). When God wants to intervene on earth, He partners with someone who will hear His words, respond to them, and speak them.

What about you?

We don’t fully understand the role we have in declaring God’s will, but we know we’re called to do it. Our words have power; God’s universe is wired that way. What we say has a practical and spiritual effect on the course of events. Our words shape our lives, the lives of people around us, and the environment we live in. And when our words line up with what God has spoken to us, we can change the course of history. His will is accomplished through them. Even dry bones come to life at the sound of a human voice in tune with God.

In this moment, as you read these words, you are participating in an eternal process of creation! Your voice matters. Your words matter. They shape your life and those around you; they shape the world around you; they create beauty and light where there was darkness before; they bring life where there was only death; they give hope where there was despair; they create a possibility where there was nothing but hopelessness—and they do all this because God has called you into partnership with Him as He creates everything anew each day (see Genesis 1:1-3). It is through you that His will is being accomplished on earth.

Let's Pray...

Lord, tell me what to say. Inspire my words and give life to the things I declare. Whenever You prompt me, I will speak life into dead situations, truth into deceptive circumstances, and possibility into impossibilities  —and then watch Your Spirit work. May my voice line up with Yours and accomplish great things for Your Kingdom. Take Care, God Bless, and Make It A Great Day!