Nov. 13, 2022


SCRIPTURE: You surround me with songs of victory. PSALM 32:7

It’s a beautiful thought. Somewhere beyond our physical senses, we are surrounded by songs of victory.

In our most confining captivities, our spirits are hearing words of deliverance. We don’t know exactly what that means—is God Himself singing over us? Are choruses of angels musically declaring the fulfillment of our hopes?—but somehow it’s true.

Those who have made God their hiding place are, despite what their senses say, being treated to a victory celebration before experiencing the victory.

In fact, we can get so caught up in the physical world around us that it becomes difficult to hear those songs of victory. The noise around us—the noise within us—can drown out the music of heaven. But if we tune ourselves into the right frequency, we can pick up on these sounds and learn something about ourselves: we were made for this very thing! We were created to taste victory now even while still here on Earth!

When we feel like God has left us, we're often wondering why He doesn't speak to us. And sometimes, when we don't perceive His voice, it can be easy to forget that He's even there.

But what if the opposite is true? What if God is speaking to us all the time, and we just don't know it? What if He's whispering in our hearts and blessing us even when we feel that the day's events are cursed? What if He's declaring victories over our lives that we don't yet know are needed? What if He's surrounding us with songs of deliverance that no human ear can hear?

The truth is, God doesn't need our permission or our attention in order for Him to protect us or provide for us. He speaks in spirit realms even when our spirits aren't tuning in. He whispers to our hearts even when our minds aren't very observant. And at a spiritual level, we don't have to be conscious of everything that's going on for it to be effective—God can declare victories we don't yet know we even need!

The victory has been won. The songs of deliverance are being sung.

But not for you.

Not yet, anyway.

It's time to ask Him to let your heart tune in to the songs of deliverance He is singing for you. If you have made Him your hiding place and are trusting in His shelter, pray from the middle of your battles to hear the news of victory.

Pray also that the enemy of your soul would hear the songs of the Warrior who fights on your behalf. Let the adversary tremble while you take courage! These songs carry authority and cause the enemy to flee, so they can't be drowned out by the din of battle—they will accomplish your deliverance and put a melody in your heart.

Let's Pray:

Mighty God, my Warrior, sing loudly. Let me hear. Direct your angels to join in the chorus. Sing victories and deliverance over me. And encourage me to always remember that when I sing during my battles, I’m not alone. I’m singing along with a powerful, invincible tune. Take Care, God Bless, And Make It A Great Day!